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Questions about Planning

1. Can I plan my funeral in advance?
2. How can pre-planned funerals be financed?
3. What costs are involved in a funeral?
4. What are disbursements?
5. Is there government assistance for funeral expenses?
6. What if I want a non-traditional funeral?

Question #1Can I plan my funeral in advance?
Answer:Absolutely. There are many advantages to pre-planning your funeral. Pre-planning includes obtaining and recording personal information as well as recording preferences and final wishes in regards to funeral arrangements. Pre-paying your funeral includes benefits such as price protection, however, pre-planning your funeral does not have to include pre-payment.

Question #2How can pre-planned funerals be financed?
Answer:All monies received in the pre-payment of funeral services are placed in their entirety in a trust account. Interest accumulates on this trust and is guaranteed to cover any increased cost of the services paid for in the initial contract.

Question #3What costs are involved in a funeral?
Answer:Funeral costs are comprised of three main factors. First the cost of any services related items that you authorize. Second any casket, cremation container, outside burial vault or urn that you request. Thirdly any cash disbursements that are paid on your behalf and finally any taxes owing on the above three areas.

Question #4What are disbursements?
Answer:Disbursements are payments made by the funeral director on your behalf and might include items such as newspaper notices, clergy honoraria, grave openings or cremation costs. Disbursements are charged to you at actual cost and when they appear on your contract, will be itemized and included in the total price.

Question #5Is there government assistance for funeral expenses?
Answer:Yes. The Canada Pension Plan has both a death benefit and a survivor benefit for those who have contributed to the plan throughout their working life. These benefits are based on age, years of enrolment, and amount paid into the plan. We can assist you in completing the application and swear any documents that might be required in the application. Old age security does not have a death benefit associated with it, however, you can expect the benefit to cover the month in which the recipient dies.

Question #6What if I want a non-traditional funeral?
Answer:Not a problem. Today, many people are opting for a non-traditional service, and there are many alternatives and possibilities available. Following are just a few ideas.

-A ceremony in a funeral home can include thoughts on life and death, a tribute to the life of the deceased, and special musical selections or poetry readings
-The person officiating a service can be a funeral director, or if you prefer, someone close to the deceased or the family
-Many choose to hold the ceremony in a senior's lodge, nursing home or other long-term care facility
-The service can be kept to immediate family, without extending a general invitation
You may choose to have only a graveside memorial ceremony
-If the ceremony is a small, or by invitation only, a public notice in the newspaper can often help inform friends and colleagues of the person's passing
-One alternative is no ceremony at all, called an immediate or direct disposition see our services section for more information.

When making decisions about a funeral service, remember the service can have great importance for friends and colleagues who wish to show their support or pay last respects.

Not having a funeral can make others believe you don't wish to see them, and can result in hurt feelings. Experts believe it's best to hold a public service and let others decide whether to come or not. Ultimately however the decision is up to you and your family.

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